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About Us

About the Founders

When Jin’s family moved down to Orlando, Florida from Long Island, NY, there was a true thing bothered them a little bit. They missed Chinese and even New York’s “authentic” Chinese street food and crepe cakes a lot. As an amateur gastronome, Ivan Jin who likes cooking and worked in Asian restaurants for years, decided to quit his office job chasing his “seems like inapprehensible dreams by other people”-opening a yummy food location. His wife Eve, who is absolutely his cooking fan liked to give a hand since she didn’t want to waste her master’s degree in business management. Eve learned about business culture and she was smart enough to know who she was working for: Correct, in Jin’s family, there are three bosses: Hachi Jin, Nana Jin and Luke Jin ( I am pretty sure you would know them if you ever walk into their store). Sweet tooth Eve would like to have a sweet name, shiba inu lover Ivan had an idea. Here comes ” Sweet Shiba”, they named Chinese name too “柴甜“ which is combined both transcription and paraphrase. Yes, you can absolutely expect “Savory Nana” ” Tasty Luke” to come forth. 

As an environmentalist and animal lover, Eve insisted to use recycle materials as many as possible. Sweet Shiba will never give up in looking for more environment protection containers, utensils and supplies. The company is planning to be a sponsor of ASPCA, to do their CSR, saving more lives is always our goal.